Everything about tiling kitchen and bathroom

black slate tilesCraftmen and designers rely on elegance, sturdiness and superior quality of fine granite and marble. Natural stone worldwide popularity in residential and business applications has actually grown in the last several years. Granite tiles are suggested for indoor and exterior wall surfaces and durable interior flooring. Marble tile involve additional routine maintenance, but on the other hand, because of bright white colors attract many house owners, designers prefer to use marble in home design.

Appearance, Performance and Sturdiness
Granite is dense, tough and exceptionally resistant to damage and wear because of its minerals content. Tiles made from granite get a shimmering visual appeal under day light and artificial light. Polished granite appears stylish and modern. It is very functional building material for hearths, cellars, corridors, foyers, kitchen area and bathroom floorings or backsplashes. Marble tile offer subtle, high-end and elegant look.

The Advantages of Tiles
Granite is durable, resilient and stain and heat insusceptible. Each stone possesses distinct designs – each and every tile is distinct and features specific pattern and veining. A number of granite tiles can be found in neutral colors and hues in order to suit any kind of color arrangement. Along with sealants, natural stone tiles are literally water insusceptible. The majority of the Granite tiles also withstand scratching and chipping. It is a fabulous alternative for high traffic areas. Natural stone raises home price and increases visual appeal. According to Tiles Liquidators, granite is affordable: tiles for kitchen space and bathroom floor and walls are inexpensive and simple to install. With proper care, polished finish of granite stays dazzling for entire time. Granite tiles are definitely low-maintenance however must be sealed regularly. They could be washed using a damp fabric and mild cleaning soap.

Numerous Applications
Natural stone tiles feature all-purpose uses. They may be used for kitchen, bathroom, front entrance, laundry room, deck, outdoor kitchen and some other floor coverings. Useful and aesthetic tiles enhance any type of living space and endure active and high traffic places like kitchens and walkways. Wall cladding is another application. It incorporates wonderful and useful kitchen backsplash, antibacterial and waterproofed surfaces kitchen and bathroom walls, trendy fireplace and tub surrounds.

Prior to tile installation it is a wonderful strategy to figure out arrangement of your tile, specify a layout, measure all of the areas and decide exactly where to set the accent and borderline tiles. Calculate the overage. Never order the exact amount of tile you need. Considering cuts, waste and broken pieces, it is strongly recommended to purchase an extra twenty percent of product.

Learn how to tile a kitchen wall or a backsplash from the following video:


Home Renovations Projects – The Most Common Ones

Once you have invested in a home, you have to know that this is not the single time when you have to spend money on this asset, but you will have to invest as well in home renovation projects that will maintain the well being of your home place. A home needs to be cared for in the right way otherwise it may suffer from all sorts of damages with the passage of time.

Kitchen Remodeling Design

Materials that houses are made of are prone to weather tear and wear, to interior use of the kitchen and bathroom spaces, and so on. With periodical renovations you can also increase its value in case you will ever want to sell it in the future. Neglecting the needs of your home will bear bad consequences in the future and you will end up owning a house that will need drastic changes which in their turn will cost you more money.

Let’s take a look at the house rooms that are the most commonly subject to home renovation projects:

Kitchen renovation is a project that is carried every two years, especially when it comes to repainting the walls. This is an easy to do job and is a must-do given the use of this space. In here, there is a lot of cooking, steaming and even smoke (if you happen to burn the turkey in the oven), and all these will only put a bad print on the kitchen wall and ceiling.

Maybe not that often but still a common home renovation project at this part of the house is changing the flooring type. If you used to have wooden flooring, you may want to replace it with ceramic tiles that are easier to clean and easier to maintain. If you have already tiles but some of them are chipped and cracked you may want to have them replaced. At this point you need to find the ones that are similar with the old design.

Kitchen countertop can bring in a completely new look of your kitchen if you consider changing its cover. There are many materials available on the market in all sorts of colors to complement any aspect of your kitchen. One other latest trends – pure white crystallized glass countertops. I have done mine with nanonglass (also know as marmoglass) and can recommend HG Stones, a Brooklyn-based stoneyard with large stock of marmoglass.

Bathroom renovation is the other most commonly approached home renovation project. The reason is simple: these rooms are subject to steams, molds, soap scum buildup, and many other issues. I used to have my bathroom walls painted with lime but soon enough I understood that it was time to have the walls covered with tiles and have as such an easy to maintain bathroom walls because they are so much easily cleaned while eliminating the mold that had built up at the corners.

Another thing that I did at that time and you can do as well in this type of home renovation project was to replace the faucets and shower head. Well, I did buy also a new sink and bathtub because the old ones were indeed way too old, but this can cost you other extra bucks.